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The designer behind the brand

I am the face behind the brand Elizabeth Martin Tweed. I have had a lifelong love of textiles.

The United Kingdom has some stunning examples which often fall under the radar. Here in Scotland I have been privileged to meet skilled crafts people producing the most original work. Quality lasts a lifetime. Heritage and provenance which is woven into every garment design, brings a story which is not manufactured.

Our coats and jackets are made from Scottish Tweed sourced in the Borders of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The brand has featured in countless fashion shows including the Scottish
Office, Westminster, London and has travelled on Trade Missions to Hong Kong and New York.

With all my designs, I have considered the importance of elevating and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. I hope you can see my designs reflect this with the varying shapes and tailoring. I have included models of divergent age and size.

When you purchase a piece of Elizabeth Martin Tweed, you are buying an exclusive garment, designed and made in Scotland and not mass marketed.

Stand out from the crowd, embrace your individuality and walk tall in heritage tweed.

Love, Elizabeth

Why Tweed?

We decided to use tweed to make our coats for a simple reason. It is the best, most versatile and most beautiful fabric made in Scotland.

The textures and colours are a designer’s dream. They create a world of palettes and possibilities that become unique pieces to subtly stand out from the crowd. 


Harris Tweed or Borders Tweed you will always see the provenance of our fabric.

We believe in transparency, authenticity and honesty.


From Scotland's rough wilderness to your wardrobe. 

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